Frequently Asked Questions

Switches & Sensors

Q: Where is a smart switch mounted? How far off the deck of the bilge should it be installed?
A: With the factory default settings, it is recommended to mount the sensor two inches above the pump outlet allowing the pump to prime. For higher mounting options use the BGI Config App on Android or iOS to connect and configure the pump run time to fit your bilge setup the best.

Q: What is the operating voltage of the smart switches & sensors? Do you have to buy different ones for each standard operating voltage?
A: The operating voltage of our units is 12 Vdc, 24 Vdc, 32 Vdc.

Q: What kind of pump do the smart switches work with?
A: The Switches & Sensors power DC pumps up to 20 amps.

Q: Do I have to install it horizontally or can I mount it vertically? My bilge has limited space.
A: The BG-One and BG-Oil must be installed horizontally for the oil detect feature to be effective, the other switches and sensors may be installed vertically or horizontally.

Q: What types of oil/fuel does the BG-One and BG-Oil detect?
A: Gasoline, diesel, engine oil (fossil and synthetic), and hydraulic fluid.

Q: Do the smart switches work with DC clutch pumps?
A: Blue Guard Innovations offers the BG-SWCL for DC clutch pump applications.

Q: What is splash protection and how does it work?
A: Our sensors are very sensitive and can detect momentary splashes of water. During rough seas this can cause frequent cycling of the pump. To prevent this, turning on splash protection causes our sensor to delay pump activation until water has been detected continuously for a certain period (low = 2s, medium = 3s, high = 5s). Factory default for the BG-HW is off and for all other models is medium.

Q: What is oil sensitivity and how does it work?
A: Similarly to how splash protection works for water, oil sensitivity changes the number of subsequent oil reading required before we raise the oil alarm. In some cases, setting the oil sensitivity too high will cause false alarms. Factory default is medium sensitivity.

Q: Can one switch activate more the one bilge pump?
A: Yes, as long as the total amperage does not exceed 20 amps.

Q: Is there any maintenance that needs to be done on the switches?
A: Yes, clean the sensor every 3-6 months. Refer to the switches user manual for instructions.

Q: Do we have to use your junction box or control panel?
A: No, you can wire into any current 12 Vdc, 24 Vdc, and 32 Vdc system.

Q: There are 16 screws on the bottom of the switches and sensors, can I open or tighten them?
A: Absolutely not, there are no serviceable parts inside the unit. It will void your warranty and can put your unit at serious risk.

Q: How much of the 6 ft marine grade wiring can I cut or trim?
A: You can only cut or trim 4in before you void the warranty. 6ft of marine grade wiring is provided to keep the connections dry.

Q: Can my splicing connection be in water or in constant splash? 

A: No unless you can certify that they are waterproof

Alarm & Control Panel

Q: Can you use one of your alarm panels with a traditional mechanical float switch or does it have to be one of your switches & sensors?

A: You can wire a traditional mechanical float switch. See wire guide.


Q: Do the BG-WS Wireless Sensors have to be hardwired to be powered or are they indeed 100% wireless?
A: They do have to be hardwired to be powered but there is a battery backup holder integrated into the unit that can provide a backup time of up to 100 hrs.

Q: How much data does a BG-Link use a month?
A: On average less than 200MB (Results may vary).