About Us



Blue Guard Innovations, LLC (BGI) is formed from over 50 years of combined experience, innovation, dedication, and excellence in introducing innovative products to global markets. Our company headquarters and R&D team are located in Broomfield, CO, with manufacturing operations in San Diego, CA.

Our entry into the maritime sensor development was done so with collaboration from the commercial maritime community. In creating our team, we brought in expertise from the marine industry world with extensive experience in commercial vessel operations. Combining experience and technology we now produce cutting edge sensor systems to protect our mariners, vessels, and environment.

Blue Guard Innovations, LLC has developed a patented oil and fuel detection sensor. This sensor is unique in the market due to its reliability of detection, small size, and affordability.

BGI has introduced new products for boat and ship bilge pump control. The BG-One (Smart Bilge Pump Switch with Oil and Fuel Detector) turns the bilge pump off when oil or fuel is detected, preventing contamination of our harbors, bays, lakes, seas, and waterways while, at the same time, saving thousands of dollars in fines to boat owners and operators.

Preserving clean water and keeping our aqua biosphere healthy is our mission.