Leaving For The Winter Without Worry

As summer morphs into autumn on the Adriatic coast, mass droves of holiday-goers pack their sunscreen and sandals and begin the migration from their seaside retreats to permanent inland residences. For two young entrepreneurial brothers, Boris and Kristian from Zagreb, Croatia, this annual ritual includes battening up their cherished family boat, Evana III. The 57 ft. Innovazione e Progetti recreational boat will remain in a Dalmatian coastal marina unattended for the next nine months while the brothers return to the daily demands of operating their Zagreb-based business.

Boris and Kristian’s corporate challenges aren’t their only concerns during the industrious winter months. Worry over their boat’s safety and security is frequently on their minds. The fact is unattended vessels are at the highest risk for incurring damage such as; loss of battery power, fuel leaks, faulty bilge pump systems, break-ins, fire or even sinking. In September 2019, the co-captains put their minds at ease by installing Blue Guard Innovation’s (BGI) IoT Monitoring System (BG-Link) and a series of smart bilge pump switches and oil detectors.

The BG-Link, is capable of handling up to 50 wireless sensors and monitoring 150 different items per vessel. Kristian and Boris chose to monitor Evana III’s battery voltage and current, bilge pump operations, main entry door open/close, cabin temperature, and the vessel’s geo location. If one of the sensors picks up a reading outside the normal limits, an alert immediately notifies the boat owners via the BG-Link app and email notification.

“We love being able to check in on our boat anytime from anywhere using the BG Link app on our phones. When we first installed the system I checked the app several times a day just for the fun of it,” said Kristian.

Boris added, “We received a low battery warning and were able to keep track of the systems via the app until we could make arrangements to resolve the problem. If we didn’t have the app, we’d have no idea the battery was dying.”

The brothers grew up spending summers with their family on the Adriatic coast. The crystal blue waters and stunning coastline draw them back summer after summer. Now that the enthusiastic mariners co-own their family boat, they feel a strong sense of responsibility to protect the sea from accidental oil or fuel discharge. That’s why they truly appreciate their new Oil and Fuel Detector (BG-Oil). The BG-Oil is capable of sensing a leak as small as 1 mm. Early detection of an oil or fuel leak is key to avoiding harmful spills. In the event that oil or fuel is detected, the brothers will be notified via text and email immediately so clean up can occur.

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